Google helps us share!

When planning a five month getaway, you need to put some thought into where you are going, how you’re getting there, what you’ll done once you’re there and how much it will all cost.  Because my brother and I are located some three hours apart and only really catchup every few months, it was difficult at first to agree on where we should go.

Google Docs LogoThat’s where Google Docs came in.  To simplify the collaboration process, we created a shared spreadsheet and listed all the places we wanted to go, and how long we’d stay in each place.  This way anyone could review and update the plans whenever they wanted, even at the same time.

Its also been a great way to see how the trip has evolved over time.  We have different different tabs for different trips; e.g. three, five and nine month versions.  We have included rough budgets so we know how much each part of the trip will cost.  And as it’s a living document, we will continue to update it right up until we depart.

Google Docs has allowed us to work from anywhere, at any time and update all the people need to be across it immediately.  How did we ever organise stuff like this before???


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